Friday, December 14, 2012

Let there be LIGHT!

I ordered lights for the back room quite some time ago but it was never really a priority since we had a ghetto light from the previous owners already up back there. I guess the motivation of having people over helped "us" out and along with getting the door stained, most of the trim painted, we also got some fancy lights up. 



And here's a better picture of the stained bathroom door:

 Ryan also put up the molding around this back door and it is such an improvement. Maybe I'll start enjoying doing laundry.... #whoamikidding

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Spirit

Sorry it's been so long, I can think of a million excuses but they're all pretty lame (especially the grad school one) so, all that really matters is that I'm back! We've been dabbling in a few things over the past few weeks so I'll do a quick catch up.

We tried our hand at re-upholstering the ottomans in the family room. My Mom and I had actually done one a couple of years back in dark fabric and I wanted to re-do it with a lighter fabric as well as do the second one. I did have to call in the "expert" (Ryan) but it sure does look good and quite functional!


Taking it apart

Hammering in the staples

Oh hey there Leo!

So, I started on the second one only to find the top was a moldy mess so we're going to have to rebuild the top which might take a little while but hey, one is better than none. #justanotherday

We also got our first Christmas tree and crazily enough, it is still standing. I kept the decorations simple around the house since we're still working on it.



AND last night I got home from school to Ryan working on the molding for the back door.

And just for fun, I looked back on two years ago and what this doorway looked like (warning: not pretty)...

After Ryan had started taking down the plaster....

Hideous back door...

Looking back at my pictures to find one of this back door really made me stop and think about how much we have to be thankful for this year and how lucky I am to have found such a talented hubby who willingly tackles these crazy projects.