Thursday, January 24, 2013

Backsplash Excitement

We started on the backsplash this weekend which was rather exciting. We have had 4 or 5 boxes of tiles down the basement for the past year and a half so it was nice to finally put them up. Ryan blames my awful supply chain skills on the rather large lag between ordering and executing but I like to think of it as optimistic thinking... plus, it's like a free project when you have forgotten about the original cost :) We won't talk about how I may or may not have measured wrong because we did one whole side of the kitchen and it took less than a box.... #wecantwinthemall

ANYWAY, here are the before pictures:

Ryan put up the thinset while I put up the tiles and spacers.

After a day of letting it set, Ryan filled in the tile with the grout.

Leo was obviously a HUGE help.
After some sponging and wiping it down, our backsplash now looks like this:

Swoon. We'll see how long it takes to do the other two walls but for now, I'm prettttty happy with how it turned out. #greytilewin


The PAtoners First Home said...

LOVE! It looks great. What a difference a backsplash can make.

Do you guys have a runner or carpet in the kitchen? Love the gray. Where is it from?


Chetta said...

Thank you so much!!
We do have a runner in the kitchen that makes a huge difference. I used to just have a small rug under the sink but tiles are hard!
The subway tiles are the smoke glass ones from I searched around and found they had the best prices. Are you doing your backsplash? It actually only took about two hours each night... (granted we still have the other side to do)