Monday, July 1, 2013

It's been awhile....

I apologize for the 4 month silence period but we've been busy with life (and vacations) so have really just taken on small weekend projects. Nonetheless, I'll try to be better... I promise.

Okay, where did we leave off.... The backsplash is done and it is swoon worthy. I can't believe we lived without it for so long, it makes such a difference.

Finishing up!
Final product!

I also did a quick update on the bathroom as I wait for the big renovation.


These shelves were left by the previous owners and were rather horrible.
Once I took the shelves out, the yellow walls drove me insane so I found some white paint in the basement and spent a Monday night painting away. I also decided to build some shelves to look like those that I had seen at West Elm. I bought wood that Home Depot cut for me (I love that they do that) and then just stained and applied polyurethane. Ryan hung them with some sturdy brackets (along with a new overheard light).

And some towel hooks and wallah!

It's the little things...

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