Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm a horrible blogger, I've been totally slacking BUT I'm on a break from school and we had a super productive weekend. On my to do list for the past way too many months has been to re-finish the front security door and to paint the front door. And this is why:

Nice, right?
The paint on the security door was peeling to the point of embarrassment and I was just over the red door. For the security door, Ryan had to take it off and we had to sand it down (easier said than done). Prime it with metal primer and hang it to be painted.


 It's only through one coat of paint at the moment so I'll share it when it's finished. For now, here's a before and after of the red door.

So it was raining and dreary this morning when I took the picture so it looks more white than blue but in person it's much more blue and just brighter in general. I'm pretty happy with it. It's much more me than the reddish orange door.

While I was working on the door, Ryan was working on the trim in the back room.

So the front door is actually the same color as our back door which you can see better in this picture...

It's really coming together back there :) My last mini project of the weekend was when I ran in to Target to pick up bread for lunch and found this beauty:

I wasn't necessarily in the market for a shower curtain but I was pretty sick of my old one and this curtain makes our tiny bathroom just a little bit more bearable :) And to no surprise, it's grey!

We have to finish up the front security gate this week and hopefully some more trim but it's kind of nice to be working on these minor details versus a hole in your house ;)

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