Monday, May 7, 2012

Working on the Weekend

The past couple of weeks, we've been working on a few projects that I haven't had time to blog about. The first was a roman shade that my Mom helped me make. I was super lucky to have her come down last weekend while Ryan was up in NYC and tackle this rather challenging task. Here's the window before, with the shade that I hated. It was way too dark for the room.

I had bought fabric and a roman shade kit a few weeks ago after I realized that this shade had to go but I could never get up the courage (or find the time) to actually make it. One thing is for sure, it takes FOREVER to make (like all night Saturday night and Sunday morning). We did get it mostly complete but when Ryan was getting ready to put it up, he noticed that we knotted our strings at every rod so it wouldn't pull up... which led to us unknotting all the strings and him re-stringing them . Just for kicks, this is what he found to be the easiest way to correct our little mistake.

But, it was all worth it because here's what the window looks like with the shade up:

MUCH better. We still have to put up the vent cover and I think I'm going to put up a shelf behind the toilet but the bathroom is definitely coming together. 

We also finished the stripes in the laundry room and I'm smitten. 

Here's the before picture, I can't get enough of our new door:

This area was much more difficult than the first two walls because of the windows and doors. I'm glad I already have a "technique" down because it was quite the task. Here's what the room looked like Saturday night:

And here she is in all of her beauty:

And look who showed back up:

Now that room just needs some trim, my new lights hung and some other clean up work (including some masonry) but boy has it come a long way. It's hard to remember but that room was a yellow mess when we moved in... 

The last project that Ryan worked on this weekend was painting the garden and the benches that he'll be putting up. 

Partially painted
When my Mom came down, she helped me plant all of the plants her and my sister had been growing. We actually only bought 3 plants and some seeds, the rest was all home grown (tomatoes, eggplant, jalapenos). We'll see how the garden turns out this year but there is already a lot of growth with the lettuce and peas! I'm so excited :) I love fresh vegetables in the summer.

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