Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch for the wedding so we've been trying to get both house and wedding things done before the whirlwind that is the next month and a half occurs... #whendidJulyhappen?!

I have been wanting to switch up the pillows on our couch for awhile so Saturday morning, instead of studying for my two finals, I sewed up some new pillow cases. Note to self: Taking two classes a month before your wedding is not a good idea. Lesson learned.


A close up of the beauties...

Here's to hoping they look good with the new couch ;)

While I was sewing pillows, Ryan finished the threshold that leads to our back patio. We had gotten a shorter door than the original door for the back door so that it would actually close smoothly so, there had been a gap just wasting our air conditioning away ;) Problem solved.

We also had my sister and her family down on Saturday and she finished the blackboards for the wedding.

One more thing off the to do list. Check!

Sunday while I was out spending money on a few more updates, Ryan cleaned up our junk yard that had been the side of the house and finished the brick arch that had been bare for quite some time.

Now we can finally finish painting the last wall in the backroom and get the new lights up!

While he was busy at that monster of a project, I managed to get drawn to a clock at Pottery Barn and our family room went from this:

To this...

I'm pretty much in love with her.

Swoon... I had been looking at clocks online but when I saw this guy in the store, I knew it was meant to be. 

Only three more weekends left to go... #panicmodestartsnow

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