Friday, November 9, 2012

New Shelf

My second Ana White project was a shelf for over the toilet in our half bathroom. I had Ryan help me with cutting down the wood (I'm rather terrified of the table saw) but besides that it was a super easy afternoon project. I went with the rustic look again but I got a darker stain since it was going up on dark grey walls. I then put the three pieces of wood together with the nails that I've become obsessed with (and I only had one casualty) and it was ready to hang. I've learned that hanging things is just not my thing (as evidenced by the nail holes behind the mirror I put up last week) so Ryan helped me with that step too #thankgoodnessIhaveahandyhubby.


I love it and it was such a quick project (take that Pottery barn overpriced ledges). I'm thinking of making more for my family room as an easy way to display pictures. Maybe it will motivate me to actually order my wedding pictures....

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