Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The End in Sight?!?

This morning, while the electricians were finishing our recessed lighting (swoon), Ryan and I actually talked about when we would be done with our little monstrous kitchen project and for the first time when we mapped out what was left to do we weren't completely overwhelmed. Yes, we may have oversimplified this project from the beginning which turned our three month project into more like a six month project (fingers crossed) but thinking that this construction zone which didn't even have floors a mere two months ago is turning in to our kitchen, is quite glorious.

Last night, we measured out the Dittra which will be laid down on top of the sub floor so that when we lay down our tiles, they'll be able to move independently of the sub floor and hopefully, not crack (more than you wanted to know, right?). But seriously, who needs (gorgeous) tile when you can have bright orange floors that your animals think is their WWF ring?! (Next time I'll remember to take a video because it was quite amusing.)

Measuring out the Dittra

Cutting the pieces
And if that wasn't exciting enough (and believe me, it was incredibly exciting), I also saw this little wire peaking out...

Dishwasher? Yes, please! And since the wiring for the dishwasher has me so excited, I took some pictures of the electrical work to show off ;)

Lights over the breakfast bar.

Light switch
So, there you have it folks, progress. Is the end in sight? Possibly ;) We're taking a little break to head up north for the next two weekends but when we get back, fingers crossed we'll be putting the tiles down. Get excited!

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