Monday, July 18, 2011

Full Frame

It's a rather exciting morning here at the soon-to-be Aires household, we have electricians here.... and they might be done tomorrow! Woop woop! Oh, how we're finally moving up in the world ;) Minus the fact that I'm sitting here with no electricity aka no air conditioning. Eh, A/C is totally overrated, right? ;)

Anyways, we spent all weekend working on the house (surprise, surprise) and by Sunday night, we had full brick walls (versus the huge holes we had previously) and fully framed walls. Very, VERY, exciting (trust me). I even managed to do a little framing all by myself and rip up some of the horrible linoleum floor in the backroom. So, we're definitely making progress and just in time for our much needed vacations.

Here's Ryan aka brick master doing his thing to the previously deteriorating walls.

Closing up the hole.


Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room After

As exciting as brick walls are, framed walls are even more exciting. Especially when it means no more plaster walls!

Back Wall

Left Wall Before

Left Wall- After
Ryan left the gap to the right to make room for the rather large fridge that we have sitting in our family room... Since it's deeper than the cabinets, we wanted to make sure that it stuck out as minimal as possible.

While I'm showing off our walls, here's a picture of the other two fully framed.

Back Wall

Right Wall

Don't they look pretty? And if you're not impressed enough here's my mini framing project.

Above the Bathroom Door
And the start of our backroom floor project (which will be slow moving since it's not quite a priority).

Ryan was just showing me how, I did the rest myself... sort of.

Gross but hey, atleast it's not that nasty linoleum.

Yes, not quite as impressive as our other feats of the weekend but hey, atleast it's progress. And now, I leave you with a picture of our rather clean kitchen (and that itself is a feat of it's own).

Trust me, that's clean :) Hopefully we can make some progress this week on the floors before we leave for Boston!!! Ah, vacation, I can almost feel it it's so close :)

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