Friday, March 16, 2012

Dining Room Rug

I probably should have taken pictures of my first attempt at a dining room rug but I didn't. See, the Catherine Rug went on sale and I couldn't resist buying it for our dining room. I mean, I had been swooning over it for a good 6 months. So, when I got it in, you can imagine my excitement as I unraveled it, moved the furniture and put it in it's likely spot but just as my excitement had come, it immediately faded when I realized, 5x8 is entirely too small. Even with our current dining room table we wouldn't be able to move the chairs and still have the feet on the rug. Hm. So I kept it there and just kept staring at it hoping it would work but sadly, later in the day, I came to the realization that it just had to be returned. Sad face. While it was there, I had also noticed that I probably didn't want another pattern next to my family room rug which I seriously heart. So, I was on a search for a 6x9 plain-ish textured rug. (In comes the jute rug trend.) After looking at a few places I was sold on getting a jute rug, I knew it would be perfect for that area so I looked EVERYWHERE to find one in 6x9 (note: everything includes online searching only, these days I pretty much never step inside a store). I finally found one at Crate and Barrel (seriously NO ONE else had them or had them in stock) but I couldn't pull the trigger. The shipping was uber expensive and that always kind of turns me off (I like to online shop WAY to much to pay ungodly amounts for shipping). Just as I was about to give in and hit "purchase", I remembered my friends had bought a couch at World Market a couple of years back. So, I decided to glance on their website and low and behold I see this beauty:

Plain Weave Jute Rug
AND at 1/3 the price of Crate and Barrel... just in case my dining room can't handle a jute rug :) So, now I'm just waiting for this beauty to come in. Ryan thinks I'm weird but hey, you have to be passionate about something and who says a rug isn't that something!? ;)

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