Monday, March 12, 2012

Twas a Glorious Weekend

Even if we barely saw the outside of those almost 70 degree days. I spent the weekend studying while Ryan spruced up our soon-to-be half bath. He finished putting up the beadboard wallpaper which definitely helps to lighten up the bathroom a bit.

He also installed the new light, which is rather exciting considering how hard I've fallen for it.

She's the perfect size and will reside directly over the awesome mirror that's been sitting in our family room. 

I helped Ryan install the molding over the wallpaper and boy is a nail gun fun. Way more fun than studying regression analysis and data modeling.

AND he painted the wallpaper and trim.

One coat in!
We headed to Home Depot last night and picked up our toilet and a few other accessories because this bad boy should be functional anyday now. Plus, once we moved the washer and dryer out of the dining nook, we needed something to make it feel like home #nothingsayshomelikeatoiletinyourdiningnook.

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