Monday, March 5, 2012

The Return of the Door

The door went back  to Lowes yesterday. It was actually quite a process because when we got to Lowes they refused to take it back... twice (yes, we tried twice), since it was special order. It wasn't until my Mom had a talking with the manager did they agree to finally take it back #thirdtimesthecharm. So, we're doorless once again but it feels good to not have it sitting in our family room. You know what else feels good? Not having our washing machine sit in our family room #weekendwin. But, let me rewind.

Ryan did quite a bit of work this weekend on the laundry room and bathroom. He put up most of the beadboard wallpaper in the bathroom.

There will be molding at the top of it and it will all be painted a glossy white but it definitely looks good. 

He also put A LOT of time in to getting our floors grouted.

You can see three stages here, the dried grout, the  pre-cleaned wet grout and the un -grouted.

Cleaning off the grout.

Different shirt = multiple days.
Bathroom coming together!
I got shelves for my laundry room.


You know you're a lucky lady when you get matching shelves to your beloved stripes :)

And last but NOT least, he got the laundry room ready for the washer to be installed. 

Plug and water pipe installed.

Woot Woot!
I got roped in to helping move the washer from the family room in to the laundry room and let me tell you, washing machines are not light.... but it was totally worth it. I was also lucky enough to have my Mom come down and help with wedding projects. So, I'm pretty sure your weekend didn't top mine because I might just be the luckiest lady out there #minusgradschoolthatcrapsucks. 

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