Monday, April 23, 2012


These days, everything seems to be about upgrades. I guess that's what happens when you get older, you can actually afford to have nice things instead of just place holders that work for the time being. Our garden was one of those things that desperately needed an upgrade. See when we moved in, the previous owner's had already set up one of those gardens in a box. So last year, I used it and it was fine although not great. There was only about 6-8" of dirt so I pretty much had to ghetto rig all of my tomato stands to get them to stand upright and all of my plants seemed to grow fruit a bit later. This year, Ryan had promised me a new garden and he quite certainly delivered.

Here's what we started with:

When I got back from my review session Saturday, he had already built a base. We had decided on a L shape because the back corner gets the most amount of sun, I also had to be able to tend to the garden without walking in it so Ryan didn't want to build it too deep.

For drainage purposes, Ryan had decided on pebbles surrounding the edges and sand in the middle.

He then put down a weed protector to act as a tarp so the dirt would stay in the garden and not on our back patio. Then came the original dirt from the old garden.

Right about now, the wind started blowing and it was clear we were going to get a massive storm so we didn't finished filling the garden with the bags of dirt Ryan purchase. He's also going to build me a bench around the side and we're thinking about painting the edges but it's already a massive a upgrade. I can't wait for my Mom to come down next weekend so we can plant some vegetables! Good bye ghetto vegetable box, hello beautiful garden.

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