Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In the last post I showed you a little piece of sunshine in my "backyard" but what I didn't show you is the past 6 months of junk that we've been gathering on the other side of the backyard. It has pretty much gotten out of control and Ryan decided that since we were already going to rent a truck to pick up drywall that we should use the truck to haul away all of our construction trash. So, bright and early Saturday morning, Ryan put on his gloves to tackle the junk yard that had become the side of our house.

Before- there is also a toilet back there.

Our own personal trash dump

After- that green siding drives me insane.
We still have our door back there and the bars to the kitchen windows but it looks 150% better than it did. Ryan also took the large trash from the basement so we had a rather full load when we headed to the town dump. If you've never been to a dump, it's quite impressive.

Monstrous pile of garbage.

Later toilet.

After our trip to the dump, we headed to our second home aka Home Depot and picked up drywall supplies. Quite exciting....

Loading up the truck.

Minus the fact that ultra light drywall is totally NOT ultra light and Ryan needed help bringing all 11 sheets in to the house... and I was that helper. But, I did it, and now we have all of our drywall in the house.

Pretty productive Saturday if I do say so myself and a rather exciting day for our little household. We still had some things to do before we could actually put up the drywall but just the thought of walls tickle my fancy.

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