Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Smurricane

With all of the news about Hurricane Irene coming last weekend, we stocked up on building supplies, wine and beer for a weekend full of kitchen work. Although the hurricane never materialized to much in DC our kitchen, oh our kitchen, took on a whole new look.

Ready for some drywall

We kept the top open so that we can run vents from the stove.

We just glued on drywall to our chimney since no cabinets will be hanging. I'm thinking I'll put my blackboard here :)
We made big progress on the south wall, Ryan framed out the last part of the wall for the fridge and we drywalled around it.

We want the fridge to be as in set as possible so we didn't want to drywall where it would go.

Looking good!
While Ryan was working on the south wall I was working on insulation on the north wall... with Ryan's help :)

All insulated!
And here's the south wall in all her glory:

PRETTY exciting. Last night, while I was at school, Ryan started planning out the ceiling that is currently exposed. We found a tiny issue (read: crack in ceiling joist) so he headed to Home Depot at 6am to pick up the necessary supplies to fix it tonight. We have a longgg to do list for this week (plus I'm now in school part time) but the goal is to have my Mom and sister down here Sunday to help me paint. Now wouldn't that be exciting!?!?

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