Friday, August 12, 2011

Walls... oh how I missed thee

Last weekend, we made some major progress. We Ryan finished prepping all the walls so that we were ready to drywall and boy, was that exciting.

Finishing up the window frame.

We are going to make our kitchen wall flush with the family room so we had to take out the corner unit.

Same thing on the opposite wall.

We were all ready to start on the drywall!!! So we did....

I swear I helped right after I shot this picture :)

First wall done!!
Until, Ryan realized, we needed to get all of our permits closed out before we could cover up all of his handy work. So now we're waiting for our plumber to get it together and close out his permit.... sigh. Atleast while we wait we'll be traveling Iceland! Life is good.

Oh and skydiving? That didn't happen. Not because we weren't there but because instead of watching Ryan jump out of a plane, we watched a plane crash. It was horrible. Never again.


Brian D. said...

Can't help but notice that he is in every picture doing the work. Do you do any work? :-)

Chetta said...

haha, I seriously do but Ryan never posts any of the pictures! I've actually gotten quite good with a drill :)