Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer in the City

As I was picking my first ripe tomatoes from my garden/ watching Ryan clean up the trash out back this weekend, I realized I have never shared pictures of my little piece of sunshine in the city. Granted, the mosquitoes out back can be mistaken for vampires but I'm really lucky to have the garden space and I'm really lucky to have a Mom who helped me set it up.

My little plot

Tomato flowers

Yummy Tomatoes

More jalapenos than I know what to do with :)

I grew my Zinnias from seed and they sure are purtty.

Who know squash blossoms were so gorgeous?

Massive Squash plant next to my jalapenos.


I'm having a hard time getting flowers on my red pepper, green pepper and cucumber plants but I'm still hopeful :) Not pictured is my fig tree, eggplant, rosemary and oregano. Oh, how I love summer. I made myself a caprese sandwich for lunch with my tomatoes and even though I was enjoying it at an airport, it was still a little piece of heaven. Plus, as soon as I finished, I got upgraded to business class. Free drinks on a plane the day after you see a plane crash, yes, please!

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