Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lucky One

This past weekend after we returned from Ikea on a Friday night to exchange some cabinets because of a sink change of heart on my part (farmhouse sink? yes, please! we won't mention that this change had Ryan re-working the plumbing), I was sitting in the family room and I thought to myself how lucky I am. There are so many things I'm both lucky and grateful to have but most of all an amazing fiance who is building me a freaking kitchen (I'm pretty sure not many ladies get to say that about their man). I think it's easy to get swept away in the day to day (especially these days with so much going on) but when I finally had a chance to sit back and reflect on my life (and our life together) it brings me to smiles.

Alright enough sap, back to the kitchen. Friday night, after we got home from Ikea (note to self: Ikea on a Friday night is heaven compared to the weekend), Ryan put up the last of the hanging cabinets.

Ryan had to re-work some plumbing this weekend for our new sink and figure out the microwave vent which kind of reminded me of Apollo 13 when they have to make a square fit in to a circle (or was it the other way around?) but either way he made it work.

And last night, I came home to see the first of our drawers on and Ryan putting on one of the doors. Eek!!

Swoon. The hardware isn't on but I can just see it coming together and I love it! 

I also picked out some lights for the breakfast bar after MUCH deliberation (who knew that there were so many ugly pendant lights out there). So there will be two of these babies hanging.

Capital 4001WG-485 Fifth Avenue 1 Light Pendant Winter Gold
I wanted them to match the style of the other lights but be much more simple.

And just this morning we picked out the recessed lights (who knew there were so many options) and I got in touch with a granite guy. It's been rather busy around here (not to mention the crazy amount of wedding planning going on behind the scenes), to say the least, but it's all coming together.

As sick of hearing about this kitchen you may be or how sick of washing dishes in a bath tub I may be, I think if anyone is ready for this kitchen to be done, it's Ryan. Luckily, we're almost there....

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