Wednesday, November 9, 2011


For the past, um, 6 months? I've been saying that I need to frame the large mirror we have in our bedroom. It was originally in the kitchen and when I brought it upstairs to use as a full sized mirror in the bedroom it looked.... bare.

Here's a before shot:

Sorry the picture isn't the best.
So, Sunday morning, instead of studying, I headed out to the Community Forklift and picked up about 5 pieces of old wood trim to frame the mirror with. I measured and cut the pieces down to size to frame the mirror. Sunday afternoon I used liquid nails and glued the pieces to the mirror and waited. Fast forward a day (or three) and not all the pieces were sticking so I re-glued and clamped the pieces (mistakingly clamping to hard and breaking the mirror... we'll call that the "look") and 8 hours later... wallah. A whole new mirror.

Another pretty bad picture... sorry.
It's definitely a cool look and makes me want to use the old wood in other projects. The best part is that I got 5 pieces for around $5. Gotta love weekend projects.

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