Monday, November 21, 2011

Sealed Up

Saturday, we were lucky enough to have my sister and her family come down and visit/ help. Ryan joked that it's going to be a "Vinci (Tkacz) kitchen" with the amount my family has been down to help. We're pretty lucky to have them so close and so willing to lend a hand. 

When they arrived my sister, Sarah and I quickly left the boys to do their thing while we went to a granite warehouse to pick out a counter top.

Granite warehouse
Since it's a working warehouse they wouldn't let Sarah go where the granite is but luckily the girl at the front desk was willing to (a) not steal the baby and (b) watch her while my sister helped me look through a million slabs of granite. I walked through the whole place and my first instinct when I saw the below slab was um, yes please! BUT since there was a whole warehouse we picked out a few other options to compare.

Option 1
Here were the others that we were drawn to.

Option 2- I think it was too consistent and black for my taste

Option 3- this reminds me of the Grand Canyon

Option 4- I liked the background but the black was a little too much
It's pretty hard to get good pictures on your iphone (although that doesn't stop me from trying). I had a bag full of samples from our kitchen (floors, cabinets, tiles, paint and backsplash) so it was easy to see that they would all go with our design but the first option definitely beat out the others in my mind. We also asked about marble (because the colors are perfect) but that was quickly shot down by the sales person when she said that not only do they not recommend it for kitchens (it stains, scratches and is very high maintenance) but they also won't put a warranty on it. So, my sister and I concluded that people with marble counter tops must not cook or have kids or both. Lesson learned.

When we got back, Ryan and Kevin had busy. They had put up siding on the side of the house where we had taken out the window as well as trimmed the outside of the window in the kitchen (the one that had been taken out and put back in). Ryan really wanted those two things done to finally seal back up our house before winter (is it weird that I almost didn't wear a jacket today?). They also put in our microwave (our first appliance installed!) and finished the venting for the microwave. Not only did they get all of that done, they also put up the side of our pantry while we were getting ready to go out to dinner. I'm exhausted just typing all the work that they did ;)


I love this picture.
And to make it that much better of a day, we got to spend it "hanging" out with Sarah and her ridiculously cute fleece with ears.

Uncle Ryan and Baby Sarah

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