Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Or just plain working on the weekend :)

The laundry room is really coming together. Ryan was originally going to put a utility sink in the laundry room where the original window was but after he took the drywall off, he realized it was too small. So, he decided to make me some shelves.

After he ripped the drywall out, this used to be a window to the outside.

Starting to put the shelves together.
He ran out of plywood to finish the back but you can see it coming together. He also mentioned that this week/ weekend would be the week the washer and dryer would be installed. Containing my excitement for the day that I will no longer be visiting the laundry mat is pretty hard to do. Squeeeeeal!!!

Ryan also put down almost all of the floor in the bathroom. The bathroom is definitely going to be an added bonus. It doesn't really bother me to not have one downstairs but boy will it be nice to have one.

And he framed out our storage area. I want to make a mini barn door to cover the opening (and clearly move that god awful light). That project is not at the top of my priority list but I think it will be a cute addition.

I spent the weekend working on wedding projects, reliving my days in arts and crafts. I'm actually really enjoying it. We'll see if I feel that way in 5 months :)

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