Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, I got my samples in for the laundry room floor. Here's a picture of the two options next to the Travertine tile that will go in the kitchen.

Left is the full rocks and to the right are slicked rocks.

Sorry about the lighting, I carried about ten pounds of rocks around all day yesterday and didn't get home until around 10:45pm. I think the security guys at my campus thought I was crazy when they x-rayed my bags and saw rocks :) I'm leaning heavily towards the sliced rocks, I'm kind of obsessed with them. I also just ordered samples of the black rocks and sliced black rocks just to make sure. It's that whole commitment thing.... when I asked Ryan which ones he liked better his response was "just tell me which ones I should like better", well played my man, well played (and then he chose the wrong ones which I quickly corrected).

I also found lights for the family room. I had been looking FOREVER and Ryan and I couldn't agree but then I saw these beauties....

Minka Lavery 1498
Minka Lavery

I love how they're simple yet sophisticated. I also think two of them won't over power the room. I'm pretty excited to get these babies in and put them up. See you later spotlights :)

And my last piece of excitement came from getting home way too late and seeing my hubby-to-be working on the ceiling.

Our ceiling is going to drop a few inches over the breakfast bar so Ryan was making sure that it would all be square. Him and Clark had been working on it for most of the evening. So, things are coming along.... I will be so excited when all this drywall is done so we can paint and tile!!!

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