Monday, September 12, 2011

A Long Weekend in One Short Post

Although we technically passed our plumbing and building inspection, the inspector had told us that we needed a clean out on both sides of our sink pipes in order to pass the final inspection. So, before we could finish up drywalling, Ryan tried to get in touch with our plumber to make the fix. Well days turned in to weeks with no return phone call or text from our plumber (oh, how I love contractors) so Ryan took it upon himself to figure out how to put one it. So here it is, in all it's glory....

Ryan putting in the finishing touches.
And so, we were finally ready to put up the remaining walls.


Finished Product
Boy are those walls pretty. 

Although we still weren't ready to paint the kitchen (tear), my Mom, sister and niece headed down the Sunday of labor day weekend to help me paint the great room.

The ceiling was miserable to do but so worth it.

Sarah was great help.

Painting Away
The previous owners had painted the room beige and the ceiling a yellowish beige, I decided that I wanted to brighten up the room so we painted the ceiling white and the walls a light grey. Here's a picture of the "finished" product (we'll pretend I didn't have to paint the ceiling a second miserable time the next day).


Partial View

Before and After of the ceiling
It's hard to get a good picture since part of the room is still a mess but I love, love, LOVE the grey and the white ceiling makes such a difference.

But because we couldn't have all the fun, while we were painting Ryan was mudding, sanding and repeating in the kitchen. 

So there you have it  folks we finally have walls. Glorious, beautiful walls... AND we ordered our washer and dryer last weekend so my days at the laundry mat are numbered #thankgod. Now the countdown is on to finish this baby and actually have a kitchen to cook in again. Woot Woot.

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