Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm a Slave... for you

Get the Britney reference? :)

Ryan has been slaving away at the kitchen this past week. We're heading to Lake Powell for the long weekend so he's been trying to get as much done as possible before we head out. I can honestly say I've been very little help (although I did sand some drywall the other day) because school has consumed my life. He's been mudding, sanding and re-mudding A LOT to get all of our seams and corners looking good (and they do, oh, how they do).

It was crazy how huge of a indentation this wall had. Now you can 't even tell the old wall  from the new wall.
He also started to put up walls in our laundry room. Ah, the days when I can do laundry in my laundry room will be quite glorious.

This wall is going to be my striped wall :)
Progress is being made. Speaking of the laundry room, I'm thinking about doing pebbles on the floor in here. They had them in Iceland and we really liked them. What do you think?

White Rapids Pebble Tile

Cobblestone Honed Pebble Tile
Multi colored?

Smokey White Honed Pebble Tile

Vivid Black Honed Pebble Tile

So many options! I think the beige ones might be my favorite since they will have the same colors as the Travertine in the kitchen but a totally different texture. 

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