Monday, October 17, 2011

Because Ryan's my Hero...

... he spent a good portion of the weekend tiling and it looks amazing.

Rewind back to Friday night and Ryan built the axis that we would be building our diagonal design off of so, he mixed up the thin set, and we were ready to start.

Mixing the thin set.

You can see the design on the Dittra.

Laying down the Dittra tape (for lack of technical terms).

First tile down!

Fast forward to Sunday night and he had made all the cuts for the side wall and had layed down about half of the tiles.

And it's looking good. Travertine tiles? Yes, please! We also took down the plastic that separated the kitchen from the family room, it's amazing how much bigger the rooms feels. Ah, living in a full house again now wouldn't that be amazing?

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