Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Case of the Too Tall Light

We got in our chandelier the other day and I managed to put it together all by myself (we won't mention how simple it was). As soon as I had all the pieces together, Ryan took one look and was like, um, that's too tall, the door is going to hit it. So, we debated it and decided to try it anyway.

Ryan taking down the old, ugly light.

Trying out the chandelier.
Yep, too tall even with just using one link of the chain provided. Ryan decides that the only wait it will fit is to not use any chains but the problem with that is the chain links the piece in the ceiling to the actual chandelier. So, he decides to saw open the top piece of the chandelier so it will link with the ceiling piece. As he's doing that, I hear an oops and the entire piece has broken in two. Ryan tries to sauder it back together but...

no dice. Day 1 of attempting to put up the chandelier was a fail. 

The next day I headed to our local hardware store and they had the replacement piece (love Fragers). Since we no longer had the option of connecting the two pieces with the metal piece, Ryan went McGiver style and used a plastic tie and....


Swoon. So there you have it, the case of the too tall light is solved... for now. Ryan still has his hesitations but I'm in love ;)

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