Monday, October 24, 2011


While I spent the weekend frolicking in Pennsylvania (and by frolicking I mean full out wedding planning), Ryan and my brother were hard at work back in DC. I left to an unpainted, half tiled kitchen and I came back to this:

Primed and painted ceiling.

Tiles layed
And quite literally came back to this:

Ryan grouting.

Greg and Stewart building cabinets.

I am one lucky lady and a HUGE thank you to my brother for spending the weekend helping us with our kitchen.

Greg building cabinets

After I dropped Greg off at the train station, I holed myself up in our office to study  for my econ final, while Ryan finished grouting the kitchen.

Note to self: grout haze is miserable to wipe up
Fast forward an hour or two of him (and later me) wiping down the tiles to get the haze off and we have gorgeous, travertine floors. I'm in loveeee.

I love the differences in each of the tiles.

Now we're ready for some cabinets!!! Squeal!! I can't wait for my appliances to be in here and not my family room!!! Life is VERY exciting these days...

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