Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks Columbus

This weekend was such a great weekend. Not only did I not have school work (or not enough to care), we also managed to make huge progress on the house and actually get to hang out with great friends. A win on all sides.

On the house front, we primed and painted the walls on Saturday. We were going to do the ceilings too but the part of the ceiling that the previous owner's did wasn't sanded well so Ryan's going to touch that up before we prime and paint. One more grey room, yes, please!


Grey, swoon.

Sunday, we layed down all the dittra and started organizing the tiles. We decided on a diagonal design and boy is it looking good. I'm loving the look of the travertine tiles.

Mixing up the mortar.
Nice orange dittra.

Laying out the tiles :)

Today, our washer and dryer were delivered to add to our family room collection.

Washer & Dryer!
Unfortunately, I still have to hit up the laundry mat until we lay down a floor in the laundry room but luckily for me the end is now in sight.

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