Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Via our lovely neighborhood gripe board list serv:


The corner of 14th pl and g is not a designated place to drop your trash. Can whoever dumped the huge box there please call 311 and put it back in front of your own home for pickup?"

Let me explain. We ordered this HUGE Runtal radiator (I think it's about 8 feet tall or so) so it came in an even bigger box, which... slightly resembles a coffin (no joke I checked inside it the first time I saw it and expected to see a body). So, we had this ridiculous box in front of our house for the past two weeks or so until I finally asked Ryan to move it to the corner, where I thought we were supposed to put things for bulk pick up. According to our lovely neighbor, I am clearly mistaken. Ryan texted me this morning "We have to chop it up and bring it inside. I can't live with the shame.", followed up by "they'll pick it up Jan 19. Oh, the shame." Lesson learned, nothing gets passed these neighbors, I tell you ;)

Back to the house. We were busy this weekend. We installed our wine fridge this weekend (and got rid of our old fridge that was sitting in the living room).


Ryan finished mudding the back room. He thinks that he'll need to sand and then we should be ready to paint.

We're going to do stripes in the laundry room so I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. If all goes well, they should look like this:
The last big project that we've been working on is the tiles for the mud room. I had already told you that we had picked up those bags of rocks, well, we've been doing a few test runs on them. Ryan decided that the best way to do it would be to build a sand box to ensure that all of the rocks were evenly glued to the mesh (we are substituting gardening mesh).

Sand box
making sure they're even

gluing the mesh
To Ryan's surprise, when we checked last night, the rocks were actually sufficiently glued down. We won't talk about how long it took or how long it will take to do enough of these for the whole room, let's just say we're hoping this first time was our learning curve ;)

My Dad, brother in law and sister were also down this weekend so we managed to install our garbage disposal switch and started trimming the cabinets. We also made a trip to Ikea, my second of the weekend. My Dad joked that they should know my name by now and in all honesty, they probably should. I'm addicted to their organization accessories.

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