Monday, January 30, 2012

Small Wins

Slowly but surely Ryan has been putting the rock tiles together #longestprocessever. Hopefully we'll be able to lay down those floors in the next couple of weeks especially since I'm starting to fear for my life at the laundry mat. Last night was a real trip, the mat was full of um, characters, for lack of better words. The cops came, I saw a lady going through withdrawl and I felt like I was at the Caribbean with a guy trying to sell me socks out of his bag (and not the nice part of the Caribbean). If I had any patience with the laundry mat, it has officially run out.

My sister and her family were visiting this weekend so Kevin helped Ryan put in a transition between the tiles and the floor. We had a mighty large step up since Travertine tiles are thicker than typical tiles so we Ryan had to be creative. He ended up buying wood and basically shaving it down with the help of Kevin.

There were a few trigonometry conversations trying to figure out the angles.

The wood needs to be sanded, stained and caulked but it makes a big difference having that finished. Plus, now we're handicap accessible #winwin. 

Ryan also started putting up molding around the windows. 

We have to paint the trim all around the window and I'm going to make some curtains... eventually, but it's starting to look a lot more finished.

My final excitement was that our counter stools came in and not only are they cute, they're super comfortable.

I'll probably buy another set so we have three at the counter but for now, they're perfect.

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