Monday, February 27, 2012


As I have mentioned before, my brother in law ordered us our back door. Since it was special order, it took two weeks to come in and last week it arrived. But, since we didn't order it at our Lowes, it came in to the Dover store. So, Friday night, Ryan and I borrowed Clark's car and drove to Dover to pick it up. After sitting in traffic, we finally arrived around 9pm. Fast forward an hour or two and the boys load the door in to the car, which doesn't fit, so they ghettoly tie the hatchback down. After they come back inside, we're sitting around and Ryan is like "we wanted the door to be 3 feet wide, right?" and I'm like "um, no, we wanted it to be 30 inches wide".... since the car is already loaded we hope I'm wrong and bring it home with the heat blasting. I wasn't and the door has now been sitting in our family room all weekend waiting to get exchanged.


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