Monday, February 13, 2012

Pay off

This weekend was a busy one. I think the frigid cold weather helped keep us indoors and I'll take it!

Ryan put up the molding on the other window in the kitchen. We still have to paint the trim but it's looking really good. Of course, now that means I'll have to pull the trigger on some fabric for the curtains which may or may not take another ten months....

Putting up the molding

Done! (Ignore the ladder)
While Ryan was working in the backroom, I had the task of finishing covering the front edge of the birch in the cabinets. The only negative of Ikea cabinets is that if they aren't perfectly aligned (or if they're a corner cabinet), you can see the birch through the cracks and it kind of drove me insane. Low and behold Google had the perfect solution, an Imperial Walnut veneer that was easy to install and matched almost spot on. A few weeks ago, my sister and I had started doing the upper cabinets but had run out of the veneer. I finally got around to ordering more and a few weeks later actually got around to finishing the cabinets.


After I put on the veneer

After, you can't even see the birch!
So, not the best example, the corner cabinets would have been better but I forgot to take pictures of those :)

Ryan got the bathroom walls painted in grey (of course) and it's looking rather fancy. We had a little issue with the paint being too thin at first since it's been sitting in our basement for over a year but after much stirring, it covered quite nicely. It looks super dark but that's just because it was night.

He didn't paint the bottom because we decided to do the bead board wallpaper on the bottom half. I just ordered a roll from Lowes so I'll let you know how it is. I've never tackled wallpaper before so it could be interesting.

Ryan also started staining the transition which has made huge difference and blends the two rooms together really nicely.

It needs one more coat. Luckily, we even already had the stain down the basement. Oh the jewels you find down there...

I also painted the laundry room white last night (which will soon be getting the stripes) and Ryan brought up some of the rock tiles so we could get an idea of how they will look.

Pretttty exciting if you ask me. So, we're making progress slowly but surely and it's crazy how different the mudroom/ bathroom is starting to look. It's been about a year (at the end of this month) since we started this project and boy is it starting to pay off....

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