Friday, April 15, 2011

And so it continues...

Isn't my hubby-to-be talented? He figured out how to draw our plumbing plans so we could get a building permit and get this show on the road! I shouldn't jinx ourselves but I did just scan the plans over to him so he could send them to our plumber...

On another note, I had been on a bedroom decorating binge for a few weeks but once I got it to a "livable" point, I kind of just stopped. Replacing the blinds would be expensive and making the curtains was intimidating so I kind of just threw up my hands... but now, I think I've gotten to the point, where I need to finish this room. (And by now I mean some time next week when I actually have time.)

Bedroom to-do list:
Buy white blinds (wood or faux?)
Measure window for fabric measurements
Buy fabric for curtains (use groupon for G street fabrics)
Make curtains
Buy curtain rod
Hang curtains
Frame life sized mirror
Hang life sized mirror
Get artwork for above the TV
Frame artwork for above the TV
Hang artwork for above the TV

So, about the artwork above the TV. I've been scouring the Internet to get ideas on what to do with the space. The dresser/TV is in a nook of sorts that needs some serious help. You'll notice that I have never included this view before on my blog and that's because I'm thinking of an artwork collage of types but what would you do with this space? The curtains will (most likely) be yellow or black and white and will hang on that left wall and the right wall has a mirror on it currently (which I'm thinking needs to go).

I'm thinking I might want to replace the jewelry box with a large vase or something that takes away from the TV. We considered taking the TV out of the bedroom but decided that those late night movies/ tv shows were worth keeping it in there.

Oh and sorry for the terrible picture, like I said, I was laying in bed (with a glass of wine) and the view was still driving me insane.

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