Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's that smell?

So, a week or so ago we started smelling this awful stench coming from somewhere around our backyard. We originally thought it might be the trash that our neighbors who live behind us had out back but this past weekend, they removed it all and the stench was still there. We figured it must have been just something remaining from the trash so we just dismissed it, until Sunday. Sunday we spent with two of our really good friends enjoying an Easter brunch. After brunch (and a quick Home Depot trip) we got home only to hear a beeping coming from the house next door.

Remember this house? Yes, that's our next door neighbor. Awesome.
We finally figure out it's their fire alarm and since no one currently lives there (or has since the fire back in January), I called the fire department. While I'm on the phone with the fire department, Ryan decided to take matters in to his own hands and jumped over the fence to make sure there was nothing crazy going on. When he comes out of the neighbor's house, he tells me that he knows what the stench is... a decomposing snake in the backyard. Apparently, the neighbors had a pet boa constrictor who was a casualty of the fire, or so we think and in stead of them throwing the dead snake out (or burying it, I suppose) they left it to decompose out back. I sure do miss those neighbors.... I kid. So the next day I left a note for them: Please remove the dead animal in your backyard. Which was returned with a mean message about there being a fire there... well, obviously. And yes, we checked, the snake is still there. And no, the place didn't burn down. Apparently they just have horrible smoke alarms (or someone had been in there and left).

I'm crossing my fingers that they finish fixing this place up and sell it....

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