Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ryan's Nemesis

Brickwork has pretty much taken over Ryan's days and nights. It seems like whenever he finishes one part of the brickwork, he realizes another part needs to get done and we're really trying to get this project done right (so we never have to go through this again). While Ryan was working on the brickwork above the door in the kitchen, he noticed some cracking on the brickwork in the addition. So for the past week or so he's been working on fixing up that.

Probably thinking, "What did I get myself in to?"

Filling in the brick with mortar.

"Finished" product
Saturday, he managed to get almost all of the brickwork done above the door in the kitchen and boy is it looking good. I'm really excited that we're keeping this area exposed.

Brickwork over the door.

Hopefully, we can get the brickwork all finished this week. It's just a reallly slow process and it's hard to do work like that at night.... in the dark but he's been managing to do it :)

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