Monday, April 4, 2011

"It was a Good Day"

Does anyone else remember that song from Ice Cube? I think my best guy friend got me that CD when we were in high school... I can probably still recite the lyrics.

So today is a pretty big day (and also a good day). Not only is it my birthday but it's also my sister's due date. At first,  I was a bit resistant to allowing (haha) baby S share in my birthDAY but after nine (plus) months, I think we've waited long enough and are ready to see her smiling face. Come on baby S!

In house news, we had a productive weekend. Ryan got a lot of brick work done so the walls are looking more... together.

Replacing random wood pieces with brick.

We're keeping part of this wall exposed so we cleaned it to see what it would look like. Yes, this is clean.

We also mulched the front garden and bought our first flower for the back yard. I think I'm really going to like gardening. Bring on the vegetables! Wow, I think I just aged twenty years. 27 going on 47....

We also took our first trip to the laundry mat, which didn't turn out so bad. Of course, we got there about 40 minutes before they closed so we could only wash the clothes but hey, it's better than dirty underwear ;) We had brought beer and cards but unfortunately, laundry mats are alcohol free. Who knew?

I leave you with what the cat was doing while Ryan was doing the brick work.... causing trouble, like usual.

To jump or not to jump? That is the question.

Have a good day, or not, the choice is yours. (Wow, I'm totally bringing back some Unionville High School memories...)

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