Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Plans

First off, I wanted to show off Caley's new "nails". They basically glue on and they're pretty fantastic (and fabulous all at the same time).

I think gold is definitely her color :)

She was clearly helping me work from home on Friday ;) On Friday, I also managed to run out to Home Goods and pick up an outdoor set for out front. Since the weather has been nice, we tend to drink outside on our front steps and I thought we could class it up by at least sitting on some cute chairs while we drink!

New set

The chairs actually fold up so I figured they could really be used inside or out back if we needed more seating. We also managed to make it to Ikea both Friday night and Saturday morning. Yes, we live a very exciting life these days, like I said 27 going on 47. Ikea trips always stress me out because A. it's Ikea and they have so much crap it's overwhelming and B. we always get there like thirty minutes before it closes and have to hear the Ikea voice counting down until the store closes. Friday we managed to run in and finish our kitchen design but we got the slowest Ikea worker helping us check out that she couldn't finish it before the store closed so we had to return Saturday morning. 

Ryan finishing up our design. On a positive note they did have cheese and crackers...
It was the last weekend of the cabinet sale so, as you could imagine, it was quite a mad house but we made it out alive and the cabinets arrive May 21st. Anyone want to help put together like 50 something cabinets? Oh, no? You have a life. Yeah, I used to too.... sigh.

When we got home Ryan went back to work on the brickwork. He said he found like 3 more skeletons in the wall. Yikes!
Re-building the wall
While Ryan was working on the brickwork, I was working on the bedroom. I finished our valances and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. They definitely soften the windows and add some nice color.

Done did.

I also bought a chair to replace Monkey's crate, since she's a big girl these days.

New rocking chair!
I want to make a cushion for it and I'm thinking about painting it white... or yellow. I can't decide. Ryan thinks the yellow would drive me crazy but for $40 plus spray paint I think it would be fun... Those pillows are actually from my bed but I was just seeing how they would look. Still loving grey and yellow :)

So, we've been officially living upstairs for just over two months and I'm starting to go a little insane. I made a whole chicken in the toaster oven Saturday and it was a disaster. Well the chicken was actually good but the mess it made wasn't worth it. I need a (working) oven and a kitchen.... soon enough, right?

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