Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to the house

While I was holed up in the office, some big things happened this weekend at the house. The first was my Uncle came down and helped us move our chandelier in to the area that we're going to use as the dining room. To do this, we had to empty out the coat closet so they could drill holes in it to move wiring (probably more technical than that but that's pretty much what they did).

I had to tell myself MANY times that it gets worse before it gets better when I came downstairs to this:

Post emptying the closet

Ryan and his Dad measuring to see where we should put the chandelier
my Uncle wiring in the closet
box installed
And just so you remember where the chandelier used to be, here's a before picture. We actually had to hold it up with a twisty tie because it hung too low and the door would hit the bottom of it if we didn't.

Chandelier- before
BUT not anymore, now she can hang in all of her glory.

So, the place is still kind of a mess but you get the picture. Of course, I had ordered a new light for the entryway and somehow it's too tall AGAIN so, third times the charm. 

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