Monday, December 12, 2011


Remember a few months ago when I talked about the pebbles we wanted to put in the laundry room/bathroom? Well they ran around $12/ foot (same as our backsplash tile) and originally I thought that room was so small that it wouldn't run us a huge bill but, I was wrong. Apparently that back room is 6' x 14' so at $12/ sq ft we were looking at a hefty price tag. In comes Ryan's great idea, on Saturday he called around and found a quarry around us that sold 75 pound bags of pebble rocks for $30! Granted, we'll have to still get the mesh to glue them down to but at that kind of savings, it's totally worth it. Especially since this room is essentially our mud room and I wasn't trying to splurge. We decided on the black pebble rocks and I'm pretty excited to see how they will come together. I'm still debating on paint colors for back there, I'm thinking of using the paint color below in the bathroom and painting horizontal stripes on one of the laundry room walls with the stone and white.

Speaking of the back room, Ryan started tackling the rest of the (tiny) bathroom walls this weekend. We're having a slight argument over the window wall (I think it looks hideous and needs to be covered and Ryan thinks it's too big of a pain in the a$$ to dry wall it) but, besides that tiny set back, the bathroom is coming together.

Dry walling the ceiling

Almost all dry walled and looking quite creepy.

Ryan also put up my second breakfast bar light.

The lights I had originally ordered were back ordered and when I was looking around I noticed that every kitchen I pinned had stainless steel breakfast bar lights, so, I splurged a little :) We won't mention how we only had one light up for almost a week because we "missplaced" some screws (Ryan had been blaming me but for the second time in one week, I was right and he was wrong.) As you can see, we're taking full advantage of having counter tops again.

The last project of the weekend was starting on the soffit for the microwave vents. 

Finishing it and the molding is on the to do list for this week, while I slave away at my books. Oh, grad school, I can't wait to have a break from you....

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