Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts...

... but I have been in business school hell for the past two or three weeks. Seriously, my house is a mess, there's no food in my fridge, we have mice (oh wait? I haven't told you about that yet!?) and all I have been doing for the past two weeks is school work, BUT, since you don't really care about school, I'll get back to the house.

First, let's talk mice. Last weekend while I was studying in the office (slash kitchen, slash dog food room) I heard some noises coming from the dog food cabinet. So, as any reasonable woman home alone would do, I started texting Ryan: "I think there's something living in the dog food." A few minutes later... "it just sneezed." Followed up by a frantic phone call. Ryan comes home, empties out the dog food and basically tells me I'm a wacko. So, I leave it at that. Two days later and Ryan is getting in to bed and he's like "um, I think you were right. I just saw a mouse run across the office." At this point we assume it's one mouse and I name it "Hubert".  Well, Friday rolls around and I'm working from home, putting things away in the guest room closet and I move the clothes AND A MOUSE FALLS OFF OF MY CLOTHES. So, as any reasonable woman would do, I scream, close the door and vow to not go in that room again until Ryan gets home. Fast forward a few hours and Ryan gets home (fast forward another hour or so of me bugging him to go in that closet) and he and our other friend, Stewart, go in to the closet armed to destroy some mice. Except we don't find mice but what we do find is mouse droppings all in the cat food that had been stored in that closet and TWO mouse holes. Eek! So, we take the cat food container, bring it outside and set up 4 mouse traps. Friday night we get home and find a mouse in the dog food container so, Ryan throws it outside (we think Hubert is now gone) BUT then Saturday we catch FOUR freaking mice in our mouse traps. Yep, we caught one mouse in EACH of the mouse traps we set up. GROSS. So, now we're on the second round of traps before we close up the mouse holes. I'll let you know how it goes. So far, we haven't caught any more mice but we think that there might be a couple left. Oh, the joys of home ownership :)

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