Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Building Up

So, the second exciting thing that happened this past weekend was Ryan finished up the soffit to hide the microwave vent. It ended up being a little tricky because technically you're supposed to build them before the cabinets but since we're kind of learning as we go, that didn't happen.

The frame that Ryan built.
Putting up the drywall.
and DONE.

I absolutely love it, I really think it adds to the built in look of the cabinets. Of course, that makes me want him to build something over the fridge cabinets but we're still in negotiations over that :)

To make things even better last night the plumbers began hooking up and installing our appliances!!! They're coming back tonight but here's a sneak peak of some of their handy work.

Not fully installed but getting there!

Why hello there lovely, large faucet.
Yep, pretty freaking exciting. We also got our sink in for the bathroom (it's almost hilarious how small this thing is) and our subway tiles. Last night we also managed to clean up part of the great room (where the appliances had been sitting since March), we cleaned floors that have not been seen since we started this renovation back in FEBRUARY. Crazy. Hopefully we'll have running water tonight so next week, my Mom and I can actually start unpacking things in the kitchen and possibly even using it? Do I dare say?! Merry Christmas to me :)

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