Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You know what's amazing?

Having counter tops. Beautiful, large counter tops.

Our granite guys came today. It was such an easy and smooth process, I would definitely recommend them. Plus, the price was in our "budget" (we actually have yet to set a budget for this kitchen but we do try and keep the costs reasonable). Here the guys are in action:

This piece looked ridiculously heavy while I watched from the couch :)
AND here the counter tops are in all of their beauty. I'm not going to lie, having never designed a kitchen before, I get super nervous that things aren't going to "go" or that I won't like them so yesterday, when the guys sent me a picture of my slab, I was having a mini heart attack... but, now the counter tops are in and they look really good.

Sneak peak of our breakfast bar light. The second one isn't in yet.

I can't wait to be able to cook in here. 
And here's a picture of our farmhouse sink in all of her glory.

The kitchen is really coming together and I couldn't be more excited. 9 and a half months in and we're finally looking at an almost workable kitchen!

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