Friday, December 2, 2011

Because I realize the hilarity in this...

... we put up our tree last night. And by "put up our tree", I mean we grabbed it from the basement and put the two pieces together and plugged it in. Easy peasy.

I had originally wanted to get a real tree now that we have the perfect space for it BUT when your house is a construction zone you tend to compromise. So, for lack of better places to put it, it now stands on our ghetto ikea counter top/ cabinet that's been in the middle of our family room since we started the renovation. For your viewing pleasure, here's Ryan putting the star on top of the tree (this was more difficult than you would think with a cheap fake tree).

He is actually standing on a table to be able to do this, oh and ignore the construction supplies behind the tree ;)

AND here she is, in all of her ghetto beauty!

In other exciting news, the granite guys are coming out tomorrow to measure. I shopped around and compared prices at about five different places (once I had the original estimate and new the type of granite I wanted) and this place came in the cheapest (by about $1k compared to the most expensive) and includes the upgraded edge that I wanted. Hopefully, they don't just steal our money and run. I'll be sure to keep you updated....

AND THIS JUST IN.... the electrician is coming on Monday (this is even more exciting since Ryan has been trying to call him all week to no avail and just yesterday realized the guy's voice mailbox was full)! This means we'll be able to put our appliances in as well as be able to turn on lights in the kitchen. This may just be the most exciting thing since sliced bread (and not the crappy white bread the really good wheat multi grain kind).

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