Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do I smell progress?

On Monday night, we picked up a pretty awesome "prop" for our engagement shoot. We drove about thirty minutes outside of the city so you know it has to be good (plus borrowed our friend and his car). Granted our photo shoot, isn't until October but this deal was too good to pass up! Ryan thinks I should keep some things a surprise so I shouldn't blog about it and this doesn't count (in my book, atleast). So I guess you'll just have to wait until October for the big reveal... 

I also got Ryan to hang up a shelf I bought for over the TV. I haven't finished putting the whole thing together so I figured I'd wait to show any pictures but I did finally take a some what decent picture of our bedroom , I think that's progress. Maybe my camera phone is starting to come to an agreement with my horrible camera skills... maybe.

yellow + grey = happy me

In kitchen news, Ryan also made it to the permit office this morning and should be getting the permit on Friday. Yippeeeee! And I ordered some tile samples. Some how I managed to ship the first samples to our old apartment and they never turned up so I just re-ordered them. I'm pretty excited to see if I like them as much in person. I have fallen pretty hard for them... and how can you not?

I mean look at that floor? What a beauty!
I ordered five different samples so I'm not sure I'll go with ones that are this light but I love the design. Swoon.

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