Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taking Down the Plastic

 This past weekend was quite a whirlwind between our friend visiting, working on the house and hosting our first BBQ at the new pad. To say we were quite busy is a huge understatement but it was totally worth it. Saturday was our most productive day working on the house. My Dad was down so while Ryan worked on the subfloor, my Dad and I worked at building a frame for the bathroom.

Beginning of the day:

And here's what the place looked like at the end of Saturday:

Bathroom frame!

Subfloor almost complete

Sunday, Ryan and I were determined to unwrap the living room so that people could sit inside (with the air conditioning) if they didn't want to be outside. It was quite a task, especially since Ryan had us move all of our rather heavy appliances across the room but so incredibly exciting.

Sunday morning:

Before- quite overwhelming
Taking down the plastic- I was rather giddy with excitement


You can see floors again!!

The contained kitchen

I can't even big to explain how exciting it is to be able to sit in your family room after three months of living upstairs. Last night, Ryan and I must have mentioned atleast fifty times how awesome it was to be able to watch TV on a couch versus a bed. Oh the little things we take for granted :)

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