Monday, May 16, 2011

Labor of Love

The weekend has come and gone and no, we have not unwrapped the family room but we Ryan did make a lot of progress on the kitchen!

Saturday my Dad came in to town, so while Ryan worked on the kitchen, we headed to Ikea to pick up some of our cabinets. Although most of our cabinets are being delivered, there were a few that were only in stock at the store so we would have to pick them up. Clearly,we knew that they would not fit in to the mini so when my Dad offered to come down we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pick them up. Of course, we also came home with a few frames and other miscellaneous items and boy was it interesting fitting everything in the 4 door sedan, especially since it included our 88'' tall pantry. When we got back to the house, we arrived to a huge hole in the back room. Apparently, Ryan had been hard at work removing the window (the window that looked directly in to our neighbor's backyard, talk about awkward). While I worked on putting together our Ikea purchases, my Dad and Ryan boarded back up the hole. You know, for security reasons....

Dad helping to board back up the window.

Although I was certainly no help with the manual labor, I did manage to finish our curtains and decorate a shelf over the TV (that had been previously driving me insane). Clearly, Ryan had to help me hang the curtains and the shelf but the rest, the rest was all me ;)

You like?

I went through a few versions of the shelf items but in the end, I chose pictures that were meaningful to us and ended up framing the newspaper we found in the floors (from 1920!) to give it some character. I'm pretty close to being done my bedroom list and that is verrrrry exciting.

Bedroom to-do list:
Buy white blinds (wood or faux?)
Measure window for fabric measurements
Buy fabric for curtains (use groupon for G street fabrics)
Make curtains- in progress
Buy curtain rod
Hang curtains
Frame life sized mirror
Hang life sized mirror
Get artwork for above the TV
Frame artwork for above the TV
Hang artwork for above the TV
Spray paint wicker chair
Make cushions for chair- fabric purchased
New bed for Monkey- possibly make

Sunday, Ryan worked on replacing the floor joists that had been damaged (and by damaged I mean drilled through by the previous owners). He didn't finish but he made a whole lot of progress.

I picture him thinking: "What the hell did I get myself in to?"

One new joist in, two to go.

The plumbers are at our house, again today, to hopefully finish up. Once they're done and we get these floors in, I'll be one happy lady. Currently it's like walking the plank to get to the back of the house, oh the joys of home ownership :)

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