Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sans Death Trap

Well, for the most part atleast... Ryan took a half day yesterday and spent it finishing up prep work to lay down the sub-floor and laying most of it down. I was pretty excited when after a long day of work and volunteering I walked in to the house and saw these beauties. And you know what else it means? No more walking the plank! Score!

Stable floors!

It's amazing what it feels like to walk on solid ground again :) I also made a decision on the tiles that we'll be putting down. Since they're travertine, we need to actually put a second sub floor down before we can lay them but I'm pretty excited about how they'll look. Ryan was a little worried because the tiles will make the kitchen a few inches taller than the wood floor (which in turn made me worried) but after much input from my lovely friends, I think I'm okay with it (or atleast I hope!). 

Here she is (after much debate, commitment issues anyone?):

Oasis Walnut

I ended up choosing her (and she's definitely a her) because Oasis grade is the highest grade (of the ones I was looking at atleast) so the color will be fairly consistent and there won't be any dark spots. There's also a very limited amount of fill required. Since we couldn't get it in the pattern I wanted, we're going to make our own pattern by cutting some of the pieces in half. I'm pretty excited and pretty very lucky that Ryan goes along with my crazy ideas :)

So although we might not have a livable first floor tonight, when our friends arrive, we're certainly on our way!

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