Monday, May 23, 2011

Guests... eeekkkk

Another gorgeous weekend has come and gone and although I'd like to say we enjoyed it frolicking in the arboretum or getting drinks around the neighborhood, in reality we spent a lot of that time indoors... working on the house. You see, I have this countdown until my old college roommate is coming to stay with us and as of today, that's t-minus 3 days (yikes!). And I refuse, yes, REFUSE, to have her sleep in a pseudo kitchen. So, to say the least, we've been busy.

Saturday I finished my chair re-do. I bought this chair for $40 on craigslist and gave it some TLC.

Before (I swear my walls are grey)

Some spray paint and new cushions later (that I sewed, thank you very much!), we now have a whole "new" chair to do some reading/eating/sleeping on.

It wasn't the cheapest DIY project but I love how it turned out and I did score some good deals! I picked up the pillow insert at goodwill for $.85! It had a horrible cover on it but I knew I was going to sew a new one so it saved me somewhere around $10. I got the foam for the seat at JoAnn Fabrics and used a 40% off coupon so it ended up being around $14 (note to readers: I just pulled up a coupon code on my phone and they took it). The fabric was from and I had a 20% off coupon. I didn't even use the full 2 yards I bought but at $15/yard, it was my priciest piece of the makeover (minus the chair) but TOTALLY worth it :) Plus now I get to mark off another thing on my to-do list, check check!

Bedroom to-do list:
Buy white blinds (wood or faux?)
Measure window for fabric measurements
Buy fabric for curtains (use groupon for G street fabrics)
Make curtains- in progress
Buy curtain rod
Hang curtains
Frame life sized mirror
Hang life sized mirror
Get artwork for above the TV
Frame artwork for above the TV
Hang artwork for above the TV
Spray paint wicker chair
Make cushions for chair- fabric purchased
New bed for Monkey- possibly make

Ryan was a trooper and spent all of Sunday leveling out the joists so that we can lay down a sub floor in the kitchen.  He also had his first accident in the kitchen but after some Advil, he just kept on working.

Sistering the joists
He also had to replace yet another joist (if you're counting that makes 4 out of the 11, brand new). Needless to say, that floor is currently a death trap for anyone but Caley. 

Cutting out the old joist

We were hoping to put the sub floor in Sunday night but with the latest joist surprise, that did not happen. Fingers crossed for a floor to walk on for our guests this week :)

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