Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes

A lot of nights, we start working on the house and it ends up like this (case and point, last night):

What to do about this window....

And this bathroom that is held up by beams that aren't connected to anything!? (Definitely makes you not want to take a bath....)
Which, in turn, leads to a lot of this:


I actually find it quite funny the amount of pieces of wood and scraps that have our plans written out on them and are scattered throughout the "kitchen". Last night we were actually planning on paper for the first time in awhile :) Plans are kind of a funny thing. When we dug right in to the bedroom (on closing day), we knew that we should have done more planning before we started it and even with all the planning with the kitchen, it feels like the same thing. I guess no matter how much you plan, you'll always have surprises, especially when your mere amateurs taking on a professionals job.... 

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