Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, Friday, Fridayyyyy

Tiles order- check!
Kitchen cabinets delivery changed to Tuesday- check!

And it's before noon on a Friday. I'd call this a productive day, no? (Note, when I wrote that it was before noon, it is now after 1:30pm and I still haven't posted this.)

On another note, one negative about keeping all of your possessions hidden by plastic is the tape that goes along with said plastic. Not only is it the tape, per say, it's what the tape does to your walls... and what does it do to your walls? You may ask. It takes the paint off which, in turn, means we need to re-paint the family room, sigh. And because nothing is easy with me, I've decided I want to change the color...and the ceiling color, who ever thought to paint a ceiling beige when your kitchen ceiling is white is just delusional. Decisions, decisions. The hard part is the room is already large and once the kitchen is done, it's basically going to be one huge room. So I'm now toying with a few ideas.

The first is painting it a light beige with a more yellow undertone.

I'll take the couches too, thanks ;)

The second is painting it a light grey that would still go well with the beiges in the kitchen.

I like this color grey which is still warm and goes with the beiges.

The third is painting it a light blue that would go well with the beige in the kitchen and the grey that would most definitely pop up somewhere :)

Here's a light blue that still looks almost grey...
I also decided to not go with green subway tile in the kitchen. I don't want to tie myself down with a color so I'm leaning towards champagne subway tiles or possibly even the grey-blue ones that I originally thought would be better suited for a bathroom. The thing is I want the room to be open, light and airy without huge injections of white (it's just not realistic in our household). I'm also planning on getting a new couch and a new rug so there's nothing really tying us down. So, what do you think? Beige, grey or blue? Anyone??

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